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A Journey Through the Unseen: My Artistic Vision

I began my artistic exploration as a child, drawn to the contrast between the serene beauty of nature and the stark reality of industrial decay. My art, deeply influenced by synesthesia, reflects vivid emotions and unseen connections, blending strong feelings with visual motifs. My works feature recurring symbols such as crow feathers, a vibrant sun, a white rabbit, human body forms, each embodying deeper meanings and connections to the spiritual and material worlds.

I work primarily with acrylic on recycled wooden boards, emphasizing sustainability in my choice of materials. My process starts from deep emotional visions, often inspired by meditation or nature walks, ensuring that each piece is imbued with intense personal significance. I aim to evoke personal reflections in my audience, allowing them to explore their own interpretations and emotional responses without overt explanation from me.

My artistic aspirations are influenced by the meticulous craft of Japanese art and the sublime beauty of Scandinavian nature. These influences inform a universal aesthetic that seeks to bridge the visible and the invisible, the tangible and the spiritual. As I continue to explore these themes, I maintain a commitment to sustainability and personal expression in every piece I create.


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If you are interested in one of the paintings or art pieces, or would like to discuss other projects, please fill in this form OR DM me on Instagram.

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